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Keith Bray
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Life Coaching & Addiction Help

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I Need To Change-What’s Holding YOU Back?

Are you at a point in your life where you know you have to make change?

Are uncertain as to how to go about it?

We can help.


Keith Bray Associates Limited has been in the “People and Organisation” & "Addiction Help & Life Coaching'" consulting business since 1990, and has a long standing record of coaching individual and company change resulting in success and growth. While our focus today is 100% personal change coaching, we have a track record that involves not-for-profits, major corporations and entrepreneurial companies. We coach our clients to success. We work on retainer for companies who can’t afford large benefit costs for employee assistance. Today we coach selected clients from around the world to transforming their lives to more closely resemble what they deem to be success. We guarantee positive results and to date have delivered satisfaction to each client we have taken on.


Am I a potential client?

If you are not happy with whom you are, the answer is yes.

Coached To Success has worked successfully with clients dealing with depression, relationship issues, mid-life challenges and self-doubt issues. As well, under our “Hope & Serenity” brand, we have helped many who are dealing with a range of addictions or whose behaviour has been adversely affected by addictions and/or abuse.

Our approach is based on one on one work with our clients and is holistic. We go beyond the problem, help the client identify the cause and through a holistic “co-creative process of life transformation”, lead the client to forming a plan to reach their own goals and support the client into moving forward and making change through modern coaching techniques and active listening. You have talent and ability. To the outside world you are certainly not seen as a failure. To your own self, you do not see the person you want to see. You do not look in a mirror and see success. Our role is to coach you to success as you define it.

Coaching is good for everyone. For the coaching relationship to work, it must be based on that elusive chemistry and trust, and both parties must feel that a forum of honesty and respect, a comfort zone, will be established. If you really have a desire to change and have the courage, let’s talk and see if Coached To Success is the change agent you have been looking for.

I coach intelligent people who want more out of life and are prepared to invest time and money to get results. Clients can expect to dramatically improved self-esteem, get a comfort with who they see in the mirror, increased hope and serenity and a freedom to make better choices on a daily basis with balanced daily living.

Life Coaching & Self Esteem Coaching - Coached To Success

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